Yesterday I received an email from Michael McGinnis, the sculpture who invented Superplexus – the coolest puzzle I have ever seen. He has been using BuildCalc for some time and, in his words:

[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”]… visit my website at to see why your calculator is so valued to me personally.
– Michael McGinnis[/blockquote]

So, I did. Wow, totally cool!  My first thought was, when will I get the chance to try one of this out.  Then, I saw this …

So guess what the twins are getting this Christmas.  The amount of creativity and precision in both Superplexus and Perplexus have blown me away and so I wanted to know a little more about Michael.  Fortunately, he has a great web site and you can hear the Superplexus story in his own words here:

How to get a refund for an app purchased from Apple

Refund Instructions

  1. To begin the process of requesting a refund from the iTunes store, you will need to first open iTunes.
  2. Navigate to your purchase history by clicking “Store”>”View My Account”>>”Purchase History.”
  3. Inside your Purchase History page, select “Report a Problem.”
  4. In the window that opens up to report your problem, describe your reason for requesting a refund.
  5. Be very polite and very detailed as to why you are requesting a refund and what exactly it is for.
  6. That’s it! Apple customer service should usually respond to you within 48 hours and let you know if your request has been granted. Read the tips and warnings below for additional information about requesting a refund from iTunes.

Apple’s official policy:


Tips and Warnings

  • Be direct and concise about what the problem is that you have with the application you downloaded when reporting your problem.
  • State specifically that you are requesting a refund somewhere in your communication to Apple.
  • Be patient. If Apple does not respond to you in less then 48 hours, wait another day or two and then resubmit your request.
  • Avoid any fowl or profane language in your communication. They are not required to respond to abusive communications.
  • Asking for a refund for an application you simply did not like or don’t use anymore is not reason enough to request a refund.
  • As a guideline, Apple usually only honors requests that are made within 90 days of the purchase date.

Incredible Service

Vince Scapecchi – 3/30/11
Thanks so much for the incredible service. So often when you buy something online you are stuck to figure it out on your own. It is refreshing to know that there are people who still value customer satisfaction.

Great app and fantastic support

by Linuxmon (v2.1)
… I contacted the developer and he had a fix to me the same day. I cannot imagine better support considering I have not upgraded my iPhone (3G) in over a year. I’ve paid a lot more for software in the past with less support. I highly recommend this app and the developer’s support.

Is there a way to make BuildCalc easier to see in direct sunlight?

I’ve had this problem too.  When you’re in the field, all of these smart phone devices are hard to see.   Tablets are worse!  Getting an iPad pushed me over the edge on this one.  As of version 2.1 (now available on Android and should be on iOS next week), you can switch the display to “Daylight Display Mode” by (1) pressing and holding the ⓘ symbol (in the top left corner) and then tapping on the [+] key.  BuildCalc will go from a display as shown on the left to that on the right … which looks great in full sun.


Repeat the above steps to turn off “Daylight Display Mode”.  Also, you can switch “Daylight Display Mode” by going to BuildCalc’s preferences via [Conv] [Prefs].