About time ★★★★

by GaBuilder
I found a description of the app in a builder magazine and immediately searched for the program. After downloading to my iPhone I scanned through the manual and was amazed at the time-saving solutions to many of my everyday layout chores.  Being a second generation Home Builder and having labored through the repetitive layout calculation of stairs, rails, rafters, etc. I was amazed at how fast and easy this program made the normally redundant calculations.  The only minor drawback I found was the documentation didn’t give complete and thorough directions about some of it’s features. I received an email back from one of the developers with an answer to one of my questions within a few hours of having sent it.  I wish all apps had this kind of customer service.

Wow! ★★★★★

by Superplexus
This is the most used app I have purchased for my iPhone, and I’ve only purchased really good apps that I need and use regularly. In fact, I have used it every day for about a year, receiving each update as soon as it is released. There are still features I have not yet relied on, but when I need them they will come in handy, such as the masonry and roof features.  The stair calculator is absolutely amazing and a huge time saver.  Now I am less likely to make an error, and the drawing email concept is great.

Impressive. Well worth $20. ★★★★★

by rangerm1a
Extremely functional app. Highly capable with easy to use interface. This is my first construction type calculator and I am impressed with what it can do. One nice feature is that you can email PDFs of a layout for stairs and then print it out. Customer support is excellent as well. Spoke with Ben on the phone about a solution to a problem I couldn’t figure out. Very nice and knowledgable guy. Thanks again for the help and a useful application.

Awesome ★★★★★

by NS FG
This calculator is very versatile and so effective. It makes my life so much easier and my projects so much better. Definitely one of the most useful apps I’ve purchased. Highly recommended.

Excellent App! ★★★★★

by one of the boys
I wish I have BuildCalc when I was more active in the Architectural / Construction industry. Now it receives lighter duty but is worth it none the less. Having used it for a few weeks my only suggestion for improvement would be to allow an enhanced “store” function.  The app saves info from your calculations.  It would be better if it could save results for a material take-off  which could be them be emailed (it already will save some results 🙂 ) or saved as a PDF accessible with office apps.  Even without this, the app is still complete.   Glad it have it!

Great App ★★★★★

by Tucson Contractor
I have found this to be very useful. Just finished using it to take off a sitework project. Would like to have comma seperators [ed: BuildCalc has them!] for the entries and results to help eliminate possible errors.