More features and functions

Advanced features & functions to automate your workflow

BuildCalc’s advanced features and functions that are not found in other construction apps means you’ll spend less time doing your estimates and calculations – and more time building.

BuildCalc works harder to streamline your construction math. Time and money saving features include:

  • Contextual and extensive “in-app” help is always available with just one button press
  • “one-the-spot” help to explain each analysis input parameter
  • Spreadsheet style forms to allow you to test layout scenarios
  • Email, save and recall analysis results
  • Full manual with extensive examples
  • Product support you can count on
  • Daylight Display Mode for better visibility on-site
  • Customizable material size lists … so you get the results you want fast
  • Swipe for fast switching between Imperial and Metric units
  • Swipe for fast switching between Trig function and Dimensional function display
  • Comma separated number display capability means less mistakes
  • AirPrint on iOS devices
  • Haptics (vibration) feedback on capable devices
  • Save to SD on capable devices


Basic and Advanced Stair Layout Analyses mean you can generate simple or complex stair designs on-site and in less time than it takes to make the your site measurements.   Results include:

  • Dimensioned PDF Drawings for Stringer Layout, Stringer Installation and Finished Layout
  • Finished Floor to Floor Rise
  • Calculated Unit Riser Height
  • Number of Risers
  • Calculated Unit Tread Width
  • Number of Treads
  • Calculated Incline Angle
  • Minimum Finished Stairwell Opening
  • Stringer Length
  • Stringer Throat
  • Stringer Top to Top Floor Rough Floor

BuildCalc allows you to factor the following in your stair layouts:

  • Rise, Run, Riser Height, Tread Width
  • Limited Riser Height
  • Flush Landings
  • Minimum Headroom Height
  • Optional Fixed Tread Width and/or Riser Height
  • Ceiling Thickness
  • Stringer Size
  • Bottom and Top Finished Floor Thicknesses
  • Riser and Tread Thicknesses
  • Sub-Riser and Sub-Tread Thicknesses
  • Hangerboard Thickness


Layout Balusters for Limited Opening, Evenly Spaced or On-Center scenarios. Results include:

  • Layout measurements
  • Number of Members
  • On-Center Spacing
  • Open Space between Members (to check code compliance)
  • True Space between Members (the horizontal space between)

You can account for:

  • Rake Angle
  • Span to be filled with balusters
  • member width
  • members at start and/or end of span
  • layout marks at leading edge, center or trailing edge of members
  • Minimum open space
  • Number of balusters
  • On-Center Spacing


Miter and Bevel Angles for Simple and Compound Miter Cuts with results for both Miter Saws and on-the-stick Protractor marking. Inputs include:

  • Corner Angle
  • Spring Angle
  • Number of Corners (as an alternative to Corner Angle)


Get comprehensive arc calculations for those tough layouts. Results include:

  • Arc Angle
  • Arc Length (Run)
  • Chord Length
  • Segment Area
  • Pie Slice (Sector) Area
  • Stud Center layout dimensions
  • Stud layouts for outside or inside of arc

Hip/Valley Rafters

More results to save you time:

  • Rafter Length
  • Plumb Cut
  • Level Cut
  • Check Cut (Major and Minor)
  • Hip Backing Angle (Major and Minor)
  • Plan Angle (Major and Minor)
  • Hip/Valley Rafter Pitch
  • Purlin Side Angle (Major and Minor)
  • Purlin Edge Angle (Major and Minor)
  • Sheathing Angle (Major and Minor)

BuildCalc lets you factor more to save you from mental gymnastics:

  • Rise
  • Run (Major and Minor)
  • Pitch (Major and Minor – Irregular Pitch)
  • Results for Miter saw or for marking on-the-stick with a Protractor

Here is a screen shot:

Jack Rafters

On of the more involved calculations in hip roofs, this tool will allow you to put together a cut list on site.  BuildCalc gives you the following results:

  • Jack Rafter Length Increment (Major and Minor)
  • Cut list for each Jack Rafter (Major and Minor)

In addition to the inputs to the Hip/Valley function, BuildCalc allows you to account for:

  • On-Center Spacing
  • Start layout with longest rafter first
  • Start layout using shorted rafter first
  • Space Minor Jack Rafters at On-Center spacing
  • Mate Minor Jack Rafters with Major Jack Rafters

Common Rafters

BuildCalc gives you more results for Common Rafter Calculations:

  • Diagonal  (length along bottom of rafter)
  • Plumb Angle
  • Level Angle
  • Plumb Height
  • Height Below Plate
  • Height Above Plate
  • D/3 1/3 Rule Test and HAP
  • D/4 Calculations Test and HAP

Polygon Angles

If you’ve ever needed to figure out the angles for a odd-number sided box, you know the math isn’t a walk in the park. Now it is. You give the number of sides or the corner angle and BuildCalc will give you:

  • Full Angle
  • Half Angle
  • Side Length
  • Perimeter
  • Area
  • Radius
  • Sides

Rake Walls

Get quick results for Rake Wall Calculations. With the following inputs, you get a cut list for your rake wall’s studs:

  • On-Center Spacing
  • Base Wall Length
  • Pitch, Run, Rise, Diagonal


Give BuildCalc your length and width and it will return the square-up in a tap of the screen.

Pitch / Rise / Run / Diagonal

Give BuildCalc your length and width and it will return the square-up in a tap of the screen

Studs, Pylons, Poles, Balusters, Posts

Give BuildCalc a Run and the other needed parameters and you quickly get how many members you’ll need for the job.


Give BuildCalc and area or a length and your receive the number of sheets you’ll need for your list of sheet sizes.  Given a set of room dimensions, BuildCalc can tell you how many sheets necessary for the walls and ceiling and for your list of drywall sheets sizes.


Give BuildCalc a footer perimeter and it will quickly calculate the volume for your list of footing sizes.  And you can enter footing sizes as Width x Depth – so you won’t be scratching your head down the road wondering what footing sizes are on your list.


Brick, block, tile, pavers … BuildCalc will let you quickly calculate them for your list of custom sizes

Here is an example:

Roofing: Shingles, Sheathing, etc.

Got a plan area and a pitch?  Or how about Length / Width and a Pitch?

Volume / Area

BuildCalc quickly calculates the value and/or area for the following objects:

  • Columns
  • Cones
  • Gables
  • Triangles
  • Slabs
  • Boxes
  • Polygons
  • Arc Segments and Sectors
  • Footers


Give BuildCalc a fence row length and the number of rails and you’ll the number of posts, pickets and rails for your lists of On-Center Spacings and Rail Lengths.

Here is a screen shot:

Siding / Panels

By using BuildCalc’s [Roof], [Drywall] or [Masonry] functions, you can calculate how much siding, panels or sheets you need for your next project.  And don’t forget to use the Pitch / Rise / Run / Diagonal functions to calculate the area of your gables!


You can enter, convert and calculate with the following types of units:

  • Fractional Yards – Feet – Inches
  • Fractional Feet – Inches
  • Fractional Inches
  • Decimal Yards
  • Decimal Feet
  • Decimal Inches
  • Meters
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters

… and you can convert between fractional values:

  • 1/2″
  • 1/4″
  • 1/8″
  • 1/16″
  • 1/32″
  • 1/64″


You can enter, convert and calculate with the following types of area units:

  • Yards
  • Feet
  • Inches
  • Acres
  • Meters
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters


You can enter, convert, and calculate with the following types of volume units:

  • Yards
  • Feet
  • Inches
  • Board Feet
  • Meters
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters

And, convert to Weight using the Weight per Volume [wt/vol] density constant you provide.


  • Pounds
  • Tons (2ooo lbs.)
  • Tonnes (2240 lbs.)
  • Kilograms
  • Metric Tonnes

Plus, you can quickly convert to volume using the [wt/vol] density constant.


  • Degrees
  • Degree : Minutes : Seconds. (D:M:S)
  • Pitch (inches / 12″)
  • % Grade
  • Slope
  • Radians

Accordion Heading