Great Tool ★★★★★

by William Bateman

My Construction Master IV is dying a slow painful death. I was faced with spending another 80 odd dollars to replace it. Then I found BuildCalc. It made sense to buy “software” for the hardware I already owned and carried about, my iPod touch. It took very little time to get used to it and as it comes without a manual. This calculator app exceeds the Construction Master IV and I have to remmeber only one carry one item. This is a great tool, and every Architect & Builder should have it. The Construction Master IV served me well over the years and I will miss touching the spread keyboard but this app will soon make it all a distant memory.

5 star app ★★★★★

by Roof cutter

I am a carpenter and I cut roofs, when there is a need for a conventional roof. I have a construction master calculator and this app is just like the real thing.   For those who need instruction, if you press a key and hold  it a new screen will pop up and give you a brief explanation.  O must say again if your working on a conventional roof this is a 5 star app.  I wish there was a greater need for conventional roofs as apposed to trusses.

Host great is this! ★★★★★

by ltlwing

I’m a pro carpenter, have been for many years.  I have C.MIV and the C.M Pro.  This is all that and more, for twenty dollars!  You don’t get upgrades on those other calculators and if you lose it’s gone, $80.  This is great that it follows the user and not the hardware.   I used the app on the job for the first time yesterday cutting in a mixed pitched roof, what a joy.  I carry my phone, in an otterbox case, anyways what a great way to use it!   I love my phone and I love this app!

I uninstalled BuildCalc … how do I get it back?

Fortunately, both Apple and Android thought this one through for us.  The only thing you will need to know is the Apple iTunes or Google account you used to initialize your device.  Here are the instructions to get your copy of BuildCalc back.

Android Devices

  1. Launch the Google Play app and then tap the [search] icon.